Jumat, 10 Oktober 2014

Why People Love to be Government Employee?

This job is in great demand by many people. Although it is difficult to be government employee, and must go through a long selection process. But enthusiastic people from year to year is always increasing. Supposing, government employee is the last resort taken by people for the job feasible. In fact, there are people who have failed in this year and will continue to strive to follow the selection again next year. And also, there are reportedly willing to spend millions just want to be perceived as a government employee. Naturally, because of being government employee very profit. Here are the reasons why people love to be government employee.
            First, Salary of government employee is based on class, rank, and years of service. Salary of government employee was also divided into basic salary and allowances. Of course, another other group did the number of his salary. If his a small group so the income them received was also just how, but if they was in a high class she would earn a high income as well. The salary would be up in accordance with the rules that periodic salary increases. Periodic salary increases are salary increases granted to government employee who have reached working age group specified for a raise periodically in every 2 (two) years and if it has met the requirements under the legislation in force. Moreover,Ketikkan teks atau alamat situs web atau terjemahkan dokumen.
 A government employee if it dies, his salary will still flow to his family. Thus, their life will remain secure.
Second, Not easily dismissed. Why? Once you receive a letter of appointment be a government employee, will not easily dismiss you because letter of appointment dismissal of government employee  is very difficult to remove. If in private companies, in one day there will probably not be present salary reduction, but that most government employee only be reprimanded by superiors without any decrease in salary, but probably could have delayed promotion. Although, the government employee was negligent in his job he would not be fired unless a criminal act.
                Third, Training and course free from the government, either from S1 to S3. Many people who can’t go to college because of the very high cost of tuition and other unforeseen expenses. However, the government employee will be given the opportunity for a free college education to a higher level. Exciting isn’t? Of course, the government is spoiling for those who work as government employee.
            Finally, that's the bullet points in my opinion, although there are many other reasons as rich in facilities, will likely get a promotion, job security guarantees, its span of a little more, safe from the threat of financial crisis, guaranteed pensions, and much more. It is apparent that the reason why so many people generally love to be a government employee, because this work is very promising compared to other occupations. Thus, it is reasonable if it turns out to be a government employee interest is very high.

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